Do you want to create a comic book?

I sure have a dream like that since I can remember. If you feel the same, this website can help you reach that dream. How? I give every week an assignment that will bring you closer to creating your comic book. Follow these assignments, do them and you will reach your dream. It won’t be that easy, you should put the work really into to make it real. I try to make the way to your (mine) dream easier with focusing on small steps. There is no need to rush, a comic book needs time and patience to be made. But the most important thing is to have fun with it!

Newest Articles

  • Read webcomics Two good sites to read webcomics on or post your own comic to (3/23/2014) - I have been using two websites nowdays to read webcomics. One of them is Tapastic the other one is MangaMagazine. Today I would like to introduce them to you, because they are good places to share your own comic or read the series of others. Both sites have social media features: you can interact with […]
  • Writing the Plot Write the plot for your comic book (3/1/2014) - Our next goal is putting together the plot of the story. The plot is a serie of events, this is what moves a story and thus it is very-very important. I think if you have this you can’t go wrong with your story later. You will know if you like the story or not and […]
  • Character creation Continuing the character creation (2/22/2014) - I have been thinking a lot about the next step and I have realised that I can’t go further in the story until I have more characters. So the next week we will continue the character creation. You can create one or more characters, as you find more convenient. I would like to create three […]
  • Icon_Characters Creating the characters for the comic book (2/15/2014) - The next small step in creating our comic would be working on the characters. With this assignment I would like to create two characters for the story: the protagonist and the antagonist (or at least two main characters). I will do this assignment with the other characters too in the following weeks until I have […]