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Character creation

Continuing the character creation

Character creationI have been thinking a lot about the next step and I have realised that I can’t go further in the story until I have more characters. So the next week we will continue the character creation. You can create one or more characters, as you find more convenient. I would like to create three characters and what I expect as a result is that I will see the beginning of the story more clearly. At the moment the middle of my story has more characters and it is more defined than the beginning. I want to change this by working on characters from the beginning of the story. Continue reading

Core of the story

The core of the story

Core of the storyEvery story has an idea behind it. That idea gives meaning to the story and is developed into the plot which is the basic structure of the story. Without an idea or plot your story will be empty and meaningless.

The next steps we will take go hand in hand so the order I will go might not be the order you will choose. It is okay, start with whichever way you like. In the end you will jump from one to the other and back again, it is a mixed process: coming up with an idea, creating the characters and the world, finding out the goals of your characters, the conflicts and putting everything together to get the plot and from that the story itself. This is something you almost do at the same time. Continue reading

Lets create our first comic book together

As far as I can remember I always wanted to create a comic book. I have had some attempt creating one, but nothing came out of it. I gave up too soon every time I tried it. I had a story or to be exact I had two characters (Lillfrid and Rana) I created in my mind. I wanted to give them a story and show them to the world. Once I found out about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing month) and I decided that I will write the story while participating in the event. I wrote 20 or more pages for my story. I had the chapters in mind, I had a whole list of characters. But then November went away (the month of NaNoWriMo) and I gave up writing. Never continued that story however I longed for years to see it finished. Continue reading