My comic homework 5

Kria full body character sketchLast week’s assignment was creating two main characters for the story and filling out the Character Sheet for them. I have started with my protagonist. I wrote down everything I knew about her. What I didn’t know (what she likes for example) I’ve “asked” from her. It worked, I got answers quite quickly. Her character sheet is done. I had time to draw her so I’ve made a full body character design of her (you can see it on the right). It is not her final design, I might change her face but I think I will keep these clothes. I really hit the colors here, I would have never thought that green would fit her well, but it does.

The second character was a lot more tricky. I wanted to work on a male character I didn’t have the name for so I’ve asked his name. The name I got was Uvano. I was completely stuck here because this name doesn’t fit the character. I didn’t know what to do so I let him be for two days when I’ve finally realised that Uvano is a grumpy, old man. Okay, so he is a new character. I asked who he was and for my surprise he fits well to the story. He even solved a story problem with his appearance. So the second character I’ve created this week was him. As he is a support character and has a limited time in the story I focused on his personality, and his back story so he has been inserted well into the story. I have not filled out the strenghts, weaknesses and goals fields in the character sheet for him, because those are not important in his case. He has a task to do regarding the story, this is what matters.

What I would like to show with this is that it is important to be open while you work/think about your comic. Sometimes new ideas will pop up, and there is no need to force your old plans just because you decided you will do it that way. Let your ideas in and check where they will lead you. If you like them, then use them. These unexpected ideas makes the creation process so much fun, you may never know where you will end up and with who.

This week’s comic assignment is done for me, How are you doing with the assignments?

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