My comic homework – 6 – Imagining the characters

Icon_HomeworksLast week I have been working more on the characters for my story. I have kept in mind how to create a believable character while I worked on them. My goal was to fill out the character sheet for two characters. I did that, altough this time I have not made any sketches of them.

I have had some trouble with one of the characters. I didn’t know anything about him, how he looked like or what was he all about. I have done a different approach creating him. I’ve opened up my browser and I started to search for pictures of man. It didn’t take too long that I found a website with different articles on man hairstyles. I spent some time checking out the pictures. I saved the ones that I found interesting. I was focusing on the different faces and tried to put a story behind them. This worked like this: I saw a picture, then I said: oh, he looks like the boy every girl likes in school. Or: he looks like someone who works in the underworld. I have made a collection of faces. I choose a few picture that particually went well with the guy I had in my mind. I was finally able to imagine him and everything went smooth afther that. I knew what kind of a guy he is, what motivates him so I was able to fill out the character sheet for him too.

The fourth character I’ve filled out the character sheet for was a woman. I don’t want to share who she is, but I would like to tell you that I had created her a month ago or so. Before sleep I was thinking about the story and that is when she entered. I knew right then her name and her outlook and her personality too. I even knew what she will do in the story. She was easy to create not like that man I told you about earlier.

I still have some characters left so I will continue working on them, doing 2 weekly alongside the other assignments. I will work on the most important ones first, there are only a few left. After that I will write the first chapter and that will be the time for working on minor characters who are related to that part of the story. Once I have finished writing the first chapter I will be really close to start drawing the comic itself. I think there will be one or two weeks for designing the characters and the places before it though, but that is fun too.

How are you progressing with your comic?

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