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In the last weeks I have been thinking a lot about my story. I mostly did this right before sleeping. I have not spent time on the comic during the day so I felt guilty about it later those days and sarted to think on it right before sleeping.

Actually this worked. I was able to create two more characters. I know their role in the story roughly and I like this. With these two characters I was able to decide on some places where we will journey along the story. All of those places have their meaning, something will happen there. We will either meet someone new, find something out or at least something related to the goal of my protagonist will happen.

Actually with this I can say I have some basic idea of the plot. It is not a blank paper anymore that I am working on. I can write down – like a timeline – who will enter the story, when and where and what his/her goal is. I can also write down the events I already know. Why is this important? Because it is easier to work on something that you have material for already. There are points you can hold onto. Just like in drawing: when the paper is still empty it is hard to start, right? But as soon as you doodle something – yes, doodle, whatever, doesn’t matter what – you will see things shining through all the mess. And from that mess you will be able to create something really good. I believe this works with writing too. Start gathering ideas, and from all of those things highlight some that are good ones and build upon those.

My homeworks

Lets look at the homeworks from before, I will share what I came up with from the previous two posts. Here are my answers from the How to choose genre article.

What does a story need for you to like it?

  • I want the story to be interesting, I want it to have mystery and something that will make my readers mind working even after reading the latest pages.
  • I would like to feel the science fiction part of the story. What I mean with this is that I would like to get the feeling that I feel when I play with Star Ocean or Final Fantasy for example. There is something in them I like and I want to feel the same from my story as well. For that I think I should add some nice looking places with many plants and strange creatures. I also want to draw spacesuits into it and I would like to show how beautiful the night sky is when it is full with stars.
  • I like when characters are real: they have real emotions they act in situations like a living person. They all have their own situations, own problems, own way living their life. I also like strange/crazy characters. I want my story to have lovable characters.
    I like when the story goes, develops, things are happening. So I like good story telling and I want to watch out for this as well while writing.

What does a story need for you to not like it?

  • Doctors, woman giving birth, unnecessary fighting between characters (when they are just yelling or joking around without any goal for too long).
  • I don’t like simple, unrealistic, not human like characters and way too godly characters as protagonist.
  • I don’t like when story gives out too many informations at once and I can’t understand it.

If I feel like not working on my story then that means something is missing from it. Then it is time to ask what it is and correct/rework it.

What do you want your story (your comic) to give for your future readers?

  • I want them to enjoy the story from the beginning, I want them to feel like watching a good movie. You know the feeling when you simply enjoy sitting there and watching it. I think this kind of enjoyment would be enough for me. I don’t want to put great ideas behind the story, there will be some automatically because everyone has his/her own views of the world and the story will show that, whether you want it or not.

How will you know you are satisfied with your story?

  • I will feel energized, and want to work more on it. I will feel enjoyment, love and enthusiasm towards it. I will feel warm around my heart. The story doesn’t have to be perfect or anything like that for me to feel like this. It only needs those things I mentioned earlier so I will keep my eye on them.

Here comes my other homework from The core of the story article:

Write down your main idea in one sentence
Kria comes out with new ideas to defend her town from the attack of the furious beasts that lives around them.

Why does she want to reach that goal?
She wants to help the people. Helping plays a great role in her personality.

What stands in her way? Will she reach her goal?
Secret. I won’t spoil it. ;)

The next assignment will be up tomorrow.

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