Lets create our first comic book together

As far as I can remember I always wanted to create a comic book. I have had some attempt creating one, but nothing came out of it. I gave up too soon every time I tried it. I had a story or to be exact I had two characters (Lillfrid and Rana) I created in my mind. I wanted to give them a story and show them to the world. Once I found out about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing month) and I decided that I will write the story while participating in the event. I wrote 20 or more pages for my story. I had the chapters in mind, I had a whole list of characters. But then November went away (the month of NaNoWriMo) and I gave up writing. Never continued that story however I longed for years to see it finished.

My second attempt with comics were when I entered an art contest on DeviantART. For the contest I created a new character, Loretta. I gave her a nice personality, we can say I “knew” a lot about her. The goal of the contest was to win over your opponent (everyone had one opponent), and show how you win in a short comic. I had the story, a short story which turned out to be more than 15 pages long. Oh no, that was way to much I could handle. I wanted to create a full colored comic with a nicely told story. I got to the fourth page then I did no more as it took lots of time to create it.

Here are the pages if you would like to see them.
TAOCT_R1_P01_final_en_k TAOCT_R1_P02_final_en_k TAOCT_R1_P03_final_en_k TAOCT_R1_P04_final_en_k





Two years have passed since then (the contest was in December of 2011) and I still want to create a comic. I had an idea of a new story in mind for a year now. I have the main character imagined already, and I created a world around her, which I even find quite interesting. Next to do was finding out the story. Here is where my struggles started. All my story ideas were long, complex yet not defind at the same time. You know, I felt like: I want an amazing story, a complex one where everything is detailed. Lots of characters, all of them have their own background story etc. This was too big to do, I know realise this is not something to start with. I wrote two story outlines around her and all ended up in the dustbin. I was so disappointed, I can’t tell you how much. I left it as it was. Half a year went away and I still feel like I want to create a comic, I want to write that story, create my characters and put them together into the world I’ve imagined. This time I will approach my dream from a different angle. I will go slow with it and I will try to aim not so high. I will work continuously on it instead and I will share my progress with you, what I’ve learnt on a weekly basis.

Create my (your) first comic book project

I am still in Christmas mood, yet I am very excited about the new year and my comic book which for you can be also your comic book. What do I mean by that? Well, if you are like me and have a dream of creating a comic book yourself, then join me and do the comic creation steps weekly with me. I will post every week the next step that will bring us closer to our dream. After every week I will show my results and you can share yours too (or just compare it with mine). No need to show the story or your characters though, do not worry. Once you start drawing your pages you can share those instead.

The goal for the first week will be this: write down the steps of how you will create your comic book. What steps should you focus on, what do you need to create a comic? These steps can be still big or vague. As we move forward we will create smaller steps from it and you will see better how you can create your comic book. I will share next week my results. I hope you are looking for it, this will be an interesting journey. You can also join in the fun, and you can start creating your comic with me.

I wonder how this weekly series will turn out. I will call this serie: “My first comic book“.

Next steps:

  1. Write down how you imagine you can create a comic book. What steps do you need to make to create a comic?
  2. Be sure to come back next week and compare your plan with mine
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  3. Do you know someone who wants to create his/her first comic book or do you like the idea of this weekly serie? Please share this article then and have fun creating your first comic.
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