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New updates will come next week

There was no update last week and this week. I am sorry about it. I have been busy with my other projects and neglected the comic project almost completely. I am not happy with this, I feel like I could have done more regarding my comic. Half of the story plot is done now, which is good but the other half is very unclear at the moment.

I will return with updates next Saturday. I have been thinking about posting other articles not just the assignments. This is only an idea and it depends on how I progress with some of my other stuffs. At the moment I am working as a freelance artist and I also have a small pin button making business. Both of them are small and needs lots of work to run them. As I don’t have a regular job everything depends on me from promotion to finding customers. In the last weeks I have spent more time on these. I won’t change this – they should be done – instead I will change how I focus on things.

It does matter a lot what you focus on at a time and how much you really focuing on it. Have you ever noticed that when you are working on something all kind of other stuffs are popping up in your mind? You sit down to learn then suddenly you feel like you should watch a video about gardening on YouTube or there are unread mails that you should check. If you let your mind wander to these areas you might lose lots of time and your progress will slow down a lot. I think this is a common thing we face daily. I have faced it too and I think this causes many problems at the moment. So for next week my rule is: I will do 2-3 things from my todo list daily, and I will try to do it as fast as I can, this will be a fun challenge (I like to measure the time of given tasks).