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TAOCT_R1_P04_final_en_kStarting a comic is not too hard, but making it reach more than 5 pages needs more work, resolve and knowledge. As a comic creator you will also be a writer, a designer and you will be even a marketer of your own comic.

I’ve started the “My first comic book” serie to help you (and myself too) to create your very first comic. I will give new assignments weekly focusing on one step at a time so you can really progress with your comic. I will also post my homeworks so you can see an example for the assignments.

New content will be added regularly, so check back whenever you can or subscribe to the mail list to get the updates.

How to create your first comic book

  1. Lets create our first comic book together – how it started
  2. How to make a comic book – the first steps
  3. How to choose genre for your comic book?my homework
  4. The core of the story – write the basic plot of your story – my homework
  5. Create the characters – how to come up with characters and learn more about them – my homework
  6. Continuing the character creation – how to make believable characters
  7. Write the plot for your comic book