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Two good sites to read webcomics on or post your own comic to

Read webcomicsI have been using two websites nowdays to read webcomics. One of them is Tapastic the other one is MangaMagazine. Today I would like to introduce them to you, because they are good places to share your own comic or read the series of others.

Both sites have social media features: you can interact with other readers or the artists themselves. You can follow them and their work, like them and so on. They are both good places to find some online comics to read. These two sites have a common goal: to bring you webcomics, yet they are very different from each other.


Tapastic brings in a new way of reading webcomics, you will see this as soon as you check out the webcomics on the site. Tapastic displays comics in a vertical form instead of breaking them to pages. The pages are connected together, they follow each other without any break as you scroll down on the page. It looks like as the artist has used a neverending paper. This kind of display is a new thing, you can find it reading korean webtoons, where it became very popular. This look is very convenient for reading comics on mobile devices, tablets. You can easily scroll down, there is no need to turn the pages, so you get a smoother experience reading the comic. No need to wait for the page to load page by page. However this layout might be strange at first. We can also say good bye to double pages bcause of this. (I personally really like double pages, they can look cool, and they add variety to the comics.)

A good feature of this site is that you can easily share any chapter of a comic on Facebook, Google Plus or on other social medias. Sharing is very important, as a comic creator you want to reach out to more people to show your comic, right? Now this is a good way to do it.


MangaMagazine is very strong in its inner social media features. This site is more userbase focused than Tapastic. It gives a lot more options for you to interact with other artists, readers and get more feedbacks. I really like that you can even upload your artworks not just your comics to the site. This way you can share the illustrations you’ve made for your comic or just to show some of your other works to the world.

On this site you can read comics in the old school way: page by page, but the whole reading area is very clean. Nothing will take away the focus from the comic your are reading. It is very convenient. You can easily navigate through the whole comic, you can for example jump between chapters and even pages easily. However I really miss the sharing functions from this site, Tapastic is really good in that but MangaMagazine still needs those features. I wanted to share a whole comic but I couldn’t find an option to this.

To sum it up, Tapastic is good to read on mobile phones and tablets because it shows chapters in a long vertical arrangement, so there is no need to reload everything page by page. It is also easy to share any part of a comic, while MangaMagazine focuses more on the inner social media features (I am on MangaMagazine, you can find me here), and has a clean look when it comes to reading comic pages. Both of them are good sites and they have their own charms to them. Try them and see which one you prefer.

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