Writing the Plot

Write the plot for your comic book

Writing the PlotOur next goal is putting together the plot of the story. The plot is a serie of events, this is what moves a story and thus it is very-very important. I think if you have this you can’t go wrong with your story later. You will know if you like the story or not and you can adjust it easily to create the story you want.

My initial idea for writing the plot was making a timeline where I can put all the happenings with places and characters included. However I felt that this is is just the beginning and that this still won’t make the plot to be a good plot. My skills are mostly in drawing, writing a story needs other skills. As this will be my first complete story I still don’t have the right skills or actually knowledge to make it as good as I want it. I don’t want to fall into the trap of perfection, I don’t want to make the perfect story ever, I just want my story to work.

Make a plot outline in 8 steps

So I have looked around on the net to see how writers come up with a good plot. How can I put together a good plot? During the search I found a great article about plot writing. I like it because it also helps to arrange the events the right way, so that it has a meaning. The article basically uses 8 steps and with that your plot will be done. It sounds easy and it really is. In the 8 steps you define what hardships your characters will face, what will happen if your protagonist doesn’t reach his/her goal, what is needed for the goal to be achieved, how can you reward your characters and so on. These are some of the questions you should answer to create the plot and also make balance within it. So far I like this method very much and I will use this to put together my plot. Here is the article: http://www.how-to-write-a-book-now.com/plot-outline.html

The snowflake method

An other method I think is good is the snowflake method. I have first met with this method a couple of years back when I’ve first entered the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I had absolutely no clue on how to write a story. The snowflake method contains more than just writing the plot. It actually guides you through from writing the one sentence idea, through character creation to writing the whole story. With this method you start with that one sentence we already wrote in the core of the story section and you build that out gradually adding more to it. First you will have only a sentence, then you will have a paragraph then a page and so on until you have the whole story written down. I like that it is easy to view the whole of the story this way. You can read in depth about the snowflake method here: http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/articles/snowflake-method/

Whatever strategy you will use for making your plot you will need to know the goal of your main character, the goal of your story to start anything. If you have not yet wrote that down, start with that.

What I would like to reach with this assignment is that I have all the major events of the story written down in timeline. So I will have a list that tells me the events in one sentence (1 event = 1 sentence) or more. I want this list to have a meaning and it should be interesting.

Next week’s assignment

  1. Choose a method you will use to create your plot
  2. Make the plot, write it down
  3. Sleep on it and correct anything you feel like correcting (no perfection is needed)
  4. Be happy, you have made the plot!! :)
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